Date of competition: October 27-29 2022

Competition venue: Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm SWEDEN

Timing: Electronic timing
Pool: 25 m indoor pool , competition will be conducted in 10 lanes

Stockholm Golden is an international swimming competition organized by the the Swedish Swimming Federation.
The competition is open to all swimmers who belong to a federation in the category Master, whatever  nationality.
The competition will be held over three days, from thursdag morning until saturday afternoon.

The competition is following the international protocol needed in order to get all results eligable for an international record or top-ten listing in all countries. The Swedish Swimming Federation willl be transmitting a full result list to all foreign participating countries.

25-29 years , 30-34 years, 35-39 years, 40-44 years, 45-49 years, 50-54 years, 55-59 years, 60-64 years, 65-69 years,
70-74 years, 75-79 years, 80-84 years, 85-89 years, 90-94 years, 95-99 years, more than 100 years 


THURSDAY MORNING 27th of October

1     4x50 freestyle mixed
2     100 butterfly men
3     100 butterfly women
4     50 backstroke men
5     50 backstroke women
6     400 freestyle men
7     400 freestyle women
8     4x100 medley men
9     4x100 medley women


10     50 freestyle women
11      50 freestyle men
12     100 breaststroke women
13     100 breaststroke men
14     200 backstroke women
15     200 backstroke men
16     200 butterfly women
17     200 butterfly men
18     4x50 medley mixed

FRIDAY MORNING 28th of October

19     800 freestyle men
20     100 medley women
21     100 medley men
22     200 freestyle women
23     200 freestyle men
24     4x50 freestyle men
25     4x50 freestyle women

FRIDAY AFTERNOON 28th of October

26     4x50 medley women
27     4x50 medley men
28     200 medley women
29     200 medley men
30     100 backstroke women
31     100 backstroke men
32     4x100 freestyle mixed

SATURDAY MORNING 29th of October

33     800 freestyle women
34     50 breaststroke men
35     50 breaststroke women
36     100 freestyle men
37     100 freestyle women
38     4x100 medley mixed


39     400 medley men
40     400 medley women
41     50 butterfly men
42     50 butterfly women
43     200 breaststroke men
44     200 breaststroke women
45     4x100 freestyle men
46     4x100 freestyle women


The fastest heat in each age group will be swum together, all other heats will be seeded according to entrytimes only.


Entries will be allowed for all swimmers 25 years or older in 2022.
Swedish swimmers will need to be licenses as masters swimmers to be eligable. Foreigners will need to have a license from their respective Federations. Entry times needs to be given in order to participate.

Each swimmer can participate in five individual events as a total. 

In the relay events there will be 8 age groups, formed by adding the age of the 4 swimmers. Masters swimmers are allowed to participate in the following age groups:

+100 More than 100 years (100-119), +120 More than 120 years (120-159), +160 More than 160 years (160-199),
+200 More than 200 years (200-239), +240 More than 240 years (240-279), +280 More than 280 years (280-319)
+320 More than 320 years (320-359), +360 More than 360 years

Each Club will be allowed multiple teams in each category. Mixed 4×50 relay shall be composed of two male swimmers and two female swimmers. 


– All registration and payment will take place online through this webpage.

Entry fees will be

150 SEK for each individual

300 SEK for each relay

a registration and accreditation fee of 200 SEK will be added to all participants.


No fees refunded.


-For individual starts, you register your events and registration time.

-In all relays one representative specifies team name and a entry time and than make a payment to participate

in that specific relay. The other participants in the relay team register that they will be a relay member.



– All participants and team leaders need accreditation for the competition and a accreditation fee of 200 SEK will be added to all participants.

– All registration and payment will take place online trough this webbpage.

If you register for an individual event or register a relay team, you will automatically receive an accreditation.

If you are only a relay swimmer or will be leader or coach at the competition, you need to register as a relay member or team leader on the entry page to get an accreditation.


The closing date for entries will be on the 14th of September 2022.


Late entries will be accepted up until the 15th of October at the cost of 400 SEK per event. Late entries will be accepted if heat limitations do not apply. 


 The same swimwear regulations as per pool swimming will be applied  for masters as of from January 16, 2010.

The fastest heats in each age group will be swum together, all other heats will be seeded according to entry times only.


Medals will be given to the first three swimmers in each age-group in every event


The swimmers signing up this competition acknowledge that they are in good health, and that their doctor has not informed them otherwise, plus they acknowledge that they are aware of the risks inherent to participation at Stockholm Golden including the possible disability or death, and they are willing to take those risks.

Also registered swimmers waive any claim for loss, damage or injury arising out of their participation at Stockholm Golden against the Swedish Swimming Federation or against any person participating or assisting the cited competition, being obliged and agreeing to meet the standards set by the Swedish Swimming Federation.

All participants must be in possession of a medical insurance, valid in Sweden, covering any expenses (doctor, pharmacist, hospital or return home), which may occur in connection with their stay in Sweden and their participation Stockholm Golden, which they undertake to prove if required.